Nature Adventure Myanmar

Nature Adventure(2)/ Two Weeks Van Touring (Travelling by car is best to see authentic beautiful Myanmar)

The best Myanmar itinerary is typically around 2 weeks and should include a Mix of culture and natural beauty and ethnic diversity that Myanmar is famous for.

We suggest you spend your time between the cities and sight of -

  • Southern Myanmar( Yangon + Bago + Golden rock ) – 2 Days
  • Top Popular distination (Bagan + Mandalay + Pyin Oo Lwin + Monywar) - 5Days
  • Mount Victoria and western Myanmar - 3 Days
  • Ngapali Beach-2 Days
  • Yangon – 2 Days.

Nature adventure(1) Myanmar Itineraries : 14 Days (2 Weeks)

From the incredible ancient city of Bagan to Myanmar’s quiet and beautiful beach resort towns, spending two weeks in Myanmar lets you see all of the country’s top destinations.

Yangon-Kyaikhteeyoe – Bago

Visit historic site in Bago, you can observe daily life of people living in country side, Experience a ride in an open truck climbing up to Mt. Kyaikhteeyoe, Can take a cable car ride from half way to the top, Get inspired by appearance of Golden Rock & its beautiful scenery.


The cultural capital of Myanmar set beside the Ayeyarwady river offers an enchanting experience. You will find deep reservoir of Bamar culture, which apparent in countless Monasteries, Pagodas, workshops and teahouses. Can find best myanmar Handicrafts & Antiques. Historic sites around Mandalay have many attractions include U-Bein bridge.

Pyin Oo Lwin

If the heat is getting you down in Mandalay, drive two hours and breath fresh cool air in the colonial-era getaway of Pin Oo Lwin, famous for its landscapes, gardens, flowers, waterfalls, fruits, strawberry, jams and wines.


A visit to Monywa is not really about the town itself, but a series of interesting attractions in the surrounding countryside, include Hpo Win Daung Complex which is the rural complex of 492 buddha chambers was carved into a limestone hillside between 14th and 18th C. and the Statue of Standing buddha which is the second tallest in the world.


Explore thousands of ancient temples scattered across the country side, colorful murals and exterior platforms with Jaw-dropping views across the plain. For amazing views, sign up for a hot-air balloon ride OR climb sacred Mt. Poppa.

Mt. Victoria (Nat Ma Taung) & Chin Villages

As one of the tallest peaks in Myanmar, Mount Victoria, roughly 80 miles west of BAGAN, 6 hours drive. Home to a variety of rare and beautiful flora and fauna and ethnic tribes known for their tattoo-faced womenfolk, Chin , one of main ethnic nationality in myanmar.

You can observe endangered species of birds and snails that can only be found in Myanmar here. At the lively markets, can find interesting shoulder holsters that are used by locals to hold big knives and bottles.

A visit to townships and villages in Mount Victoria gifts you with the spectacular view of a magical town due to the thick fog. Visitors to the village will also get to observe people of Chin ethnic group that are famous for their women who tattoo their faces as a form of beauty.